Manage your entire retail chain with Erply

Leverage the powerful features in Erply to grow your business. Set up stores and locations, manage your pricing, create compelling promotions, manage your employees, and track store activity across the entire retail chain.

Multi-store Management

Take control of your retail chain with Erply. Our solution provides all of the tools that you need to run a successful retail chain, no matter how many locations you’re running. Create business-wide promotions or assign price lists to certain locations. Manage your business from the top-down or grant specific software access to each of your managers. With Erply, you have complete control over your business.


Our easy to use modules will help your business save time, money, and resources — in both the short and long term. Erply offers low cost, low effort solutions to help you manage everything from cash registers to special pricing lists. All features come with robust reporting capabilities that are easy to use without the help of third-party staff or investment in complex hardware.


Erply offers distinct features designed to make your life easier. Explore the critical components that set our solution apart from the rest.




Build targeted promotions to increase customer engagement and sales

Erply’s promotions engine supports virtually any promotional campaign. Quickly create numerous promotion types to generate new business.

Target specific locations to drive more traffic, create promotions exclusively for customers in your loyalty program, or simply promote inventory you need to get off your shelves.

Commonly used discounts are:

  • BOGO
  • X # @ Y $ (ex: 3 for $10)
  • Percentage or flat discounts
  • Location-based discounts

Print coupons on your receipts, and encourage your customers to earn rewards and come back for a discount.

Encourage customers to come to your store

Get creative with your promotions. Erply’s promotion builder supports a wide range of promotions, so you can incentivize customer in-store shopping or encourage them to purchase more online.

Integrate promotions with your loyalty program:

  • Spend 1000 reward points and get $10 off your purchase
  • Spend $100 on any order and receive 15% off your entire purchase

Create limited time deals:

  • Spring clearance: 15% off all winter items
  • Get $5 off one product when you also purchase a specific, separate product.

Price Lists

Sweeping or specific pricing adjustments


Price lists in Erply allow you to create alternative pricing without having to change the master price list in your product catalog. Because Erply runs in the cloud, price changes you create are immediately available across any applicable locations. There is no processing or wait time.

Create price lists for:

  • Customer groups or specific customers
  • Locations and store groups
  • Special events

Price lists can be configured to restrict what is available to sell at the POS. Keep your master inventory list intact, but control what you sell at each location.

Schedule pricing in advance and have it take effect whenever you choose. There’s no need for you to alert your staff.

Creating and managing price lists

Time-based Price Lists: A store might use this option to mark down seasonal items they want to clear out of their inventory. Generate urgency with a limited time offer.

Customer-based Price Lists: Assign special pricing to customer groups in the hope of getting high-volume sales. A hardware store, for example, might offer lower prices to a contractor.

Location-based Price Lists: Adjust prices for a store or group of stores in a region. You can offset the higher cost of doing business in a metropolitan area, or you can lower prices to create a “grand opening” sale at a new location.

Time, customer, and location-based pricing can also be combined. Generate a special offer for a customer group at a specific location

Gift Card

Bring in new customers and boost your sales during the holidays.


Gift cards are a boon for retail businesses. They don’t take up much space and they provide a great way to bring in new customers. Customers who redeem gift cards typically spend 20% more than the value of the card when they shop.


Use gift cards to incentivize customers to return to your store and also help generate new customers. Let customers earn extra reward points for purchasing gift cards and invite them to introduce their friends to your store.

Erply also supports serialized gift cards. You can track card numbers in the system and make it easy to redeem cards at any location.

Using gift cards with Erply

Gift cards in Erply work just like a product in your inventory. As such, they can be associated with promotions. Try a special offer like, “Buy a $100 gift card, get one item free”

On the POS, gift cards show up as an available payment type. Gift card balances can also be used as your default return or exchange option for merchandise. With Erply, you can create unlimited types of gift cards.

Locations & Registers

Expand your business with minimal disruption

With Erply, adding new locations can be done without any investment in new hardware and without waiting on a third-party. Simply go into the back office, and manage your locations with a few clicks.

Erply is also technology-agnostic, meaning our software can be integrated with a variety of hardware. With minimal effort, you can simply use our powerful backend tools to manage the setup of any location.

Bust a long checkout line by setting up an iPad as a second register. Give each store its own unique location to allow comparative reporting.

Our functionality allows you to perform important tasks on your own, with minimal assistance from us and at low investment.

Locations and registers in Erply

When you have a new location ready to open, or when you want to expand your register count, Erply ensures that the process of setting up to make sales is straightforward and uncomplicated.

You require no special assistance from us, no tech that has to come out and install a disc. Load up a device with a browser and you’re ready to start selling more.

Erply also allows you to pull valuable sales data with comparative reporting. Which locations are generating more revenue? Track transaction information in fine detail when you set up different stores and warehouses.

Commissions & Sales Goals

Boost your sales with a motivated team

Erply offers a number of options to help you and your managers motivate employees. Commissions enable stores to recognize and reward hard-working employees. Set a standard rate, push products, or create monthly sales goals to activate commissions.

  • Flat rates
  • Inventory commissions
  • Individual commission rates

You can create a sales goal for each store, and a commission for employees when the goal has been reached.

Using commissions & sales goals in Erply

Erply gives your businesses more commision options, so you can set up a method that works best for your business.

Create a straight commission, either a percentage by sale or fixed amount by product. You can also set up unique commission rates to reward hard workers, such as separate commissions for managers

Assign special commissions to specific products, which is a great way to move anything that’s been selling too slowly.

User Roles & Permissions

Balance worker efficiency with system security

Your employees aren’t all the same. Who can give discounts or accept a return or who can open & close the store? Erply gives you a powerful set of tools to create a structured workforce.

You might have sales associates, assistant managers, warehouse workers, customer service reps, and many other types of employees. Each one has unique responsibilities, which is why you’ll want them to have different permissions when accessing the POS and back office.

Who has the ability to give an impromptu discount, and who needs managerial permission? These decisions are entirely up to you.

User permissions within Erply

Erply primarily organizes user permissions by group, modeled around the types of employees in your workforce. Drop similar employees into a group, or fine-tune each employee’s permissions at an individual user level.

Common features that are broken out with user permissions are:

  • Add or edit customer information
  • Accept returns with or without a receipt
  • View or modify inventory levels
  • Discounts and promotions

Custom Labels & Printouts

Retail-focused design tools anyone can use

Use Erply’s built-in tools to create colorful invoices, packing slips, product labels, flyers, name tags, and more. Take advantage of templates to create professional designs quickly. Showcase your data with colorful charts.

Erply allows you to add many items to your printed documents:

  • Tables
  • Charts
  • Images
  • Barcodes
  • And more!

Make sure your business is taken seriously by creating professional looking documents. Put product images on your quotes and invoices so customers can confirm what they’re getting. Adding barcodes to invoices allows the products to be easily scanned in.

Creating custom designs for your business

Erply’s label and document designer allows you to create custom designs that pull data right from the system. Generate beautiful looking barcode labels, invoices, shelf tags, flyers, and just about any kind of document you can imagine.

Provide clear and consistent information throughout your store. Put down the sharpie and create nice-looking shelf tags and labels with all the information you want to provide.

Create labels and documents from scratch, or use one of our many included templates. Each one is formatted for all the main print formats.

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