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Why to choose Erply in Finland?

Erply ERP and POS have been fully localized and integrated into the Finnish market. All the necessary integrations are ready to be used anytime, and everything is included in the basic monthly fee. Erply customers in Finland can also benefit from global integrations and tools that have been developed into Erply core package throughout the years. All Erply functions are also available through mobile apps in the Finnish market, making the smart device in your pocket a real helper in your daily work life! Erply’s core products are fully translated and matched with Finnish regulations. Also, Erply offers FREE customer service through phone, email and chat in Finnish, so give us a try!

Some of our customers in Finland

ByPias - Womens clothing store that has been growing together with Erply. When their business needed increasement, they took Erply as their business software, allowing them to use our newest technology in their advantage. They have succesfully reduced working hours in the storage with a paper free solution, and their purchase order flow with inventory levels helps them to keep track on a higher level.

Musical instrument store that chose Erply for its real time data functionalities. They have implemented a lot of different features from Erply, and by doing this, they have decreased the manual working hours by 25%, and they have a good overview of their inventory constantly. One of the biggest benefits for them is real-time data exchange between their webshop and Erply.

Oulu-based Sinikaarre is a women's lingerie store founded in 1994. The store offers high-quality lingerie for everyday life, parties or sports, as well as maternity lingerie and prosthetic vests. Sinikaarre's CEO Sinikka Hotakainen said that in 2015 she was looking for an ERP system that would also work in cloud services. His goal at the time was to rationalize his operations. The cooperation between Erply and Sinikaarri has been very good so far: "I am very satisfied at the moment", says Sinikka Hotakainen. He also explains four keywords that describe the use of Erply Checkout: Real time, Punctuality, Efficiency, Extensiveness.


Payment methods and bank integrations

Erply has two of the most used payment integrations available for Finnish market: Nets and Verifone. With Nets payment integration you can accept payments with any device, tablet, workstation, or even on your mobile phone. Nets terminals integrate using a cloud service, so as long as internet connection is up, the integration is up. Verifone integration is currently only meant for physical POS stations that are running Window operating system.

You can see Verifone’s payment terminals HERE.

Hardware integrations

Erply doesn’t require any special hardware adaptations and it works with different types of systems without suffering from compatibility issues, thus Erply can be used with already existing devices, eliminating the costs of buying new hardware when changing systems.

Check out one of the hardware providers HERE.

Supported platforms

Erply works on all of the most popular platforms, for workstation use you can use Windows, macOS or Linux, and for the mobile environment we have native applications on both Android and iOs. All the applications are region specific.

E-commerce integrations

Erply´s core products – ERP and POS – are fully translated and matched with Finnish regulations. By using Erply, Finnish customers are able to get all needed reports for accounting purposes straight from the system, in real-time. Erply’s customers in Finland will have the possibility to use Erply’s existing webshop integrations: Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento – all free-of-charge. These integrations are built by Erply’s integration team and are updated regularly to match more complex needs from our customers globally. We also have our own webshop platform called Shopz, which is free for Erply users.

Erply's products that are supported

For more advanced warehouse needs, Erply offers a mobile solution for the warehouse workers, called Erply WMS (Warehouse Management System). By using WMS, Erply’s customers can make their warehouse 100% paperless, reduce the time and cost of inventory management and order fulfilment, while keeping all of the data in the cloud real-time.

For customers with increased sales channel needs, Erply offers a full range self service POS solution for the Finnish market as well. With Erply self service POS, you can add a digital worker to your store that can replace your cashiers, or add more ways for customers to pay for their products! All Erply’s functions are also available through mobile apps in the Finnish market, making the smart device in your pocket a real helper in your daily work life.

Are there any country-specific integrations? Sure – Erply offers mandatory e-invoice integration in Finnish market through Maventa, so our customers can send their Invoices straight from Erply to their customers e-invoice addresses. See more about Maventa HERE.

Support in Finland

Erply offers FREE customer service through phone, email and chat in Finnish, from 9-17 Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm EET), as well as support in English outside of those times.

You can reach us:

By email:
By phone: +358 974 790 284
Through our chat tool on our website, in the right side corner.

We also have our Wiki page translated to Finnish, which could be accessed by clicking HERE.

Taxes and currencies

Finland has three levels of taxes: VAT is at a standard rate of 24%, and two reduced rates of 14% on food, restaurant services, catering services and animal feed, and 10% on books, pharmaceutical products, services creating opportunities for physical exercise, passenger transportation and accommodation. All of these taxes are ready made for all Finnish Erply accounts, and if needed different taxes can also be added to the system later on. Erply’s reports function allow users to fetch reports that split the VAT into different columns, making the life of accountants easier than ever before.

Erply supports all the worlds currencies, for all Finnish accounts the default currencies from the start are Euro and US Dollar, but these can be added whenever needed. Currency rates can also be set up for purchasing purposes.

See more about Finnis taxes HERE.

Accounting packages

Erply offers Visma Netvisor integration for all Finnish customers. Send your daily sales and open Invoices straight to Netvisor automatically, once you receive payments for the open Invoices on Netvisor side, the payments will appear on Erply’s side as well. Reach out to us and ask more by email at, or with phone from +358 974 790 284.

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