Ecommerce Integrations

Connect all your key retail business tools, apps, and platforms

Maintain your retail store information and teams in sync by connecting Inventory to eCommerce services you use.

Get an overview of your WooCommerce stores from one place

Never skip a delivery deadline or run out of stock with Inventory’s WooCommerce management integration. Handle product recipes, production, and purchasing for full visibility over your order fulfillment process.

A real-time orders synchronization 

Once the integration is active, purchases made in your online shops get imported automatically to your inventory where you can start tracking your sales and monitor products to fulfill WooCommerce sales orders on time.

Full control of your products inventory

Inventory helps you to synchronize your product information between your WooCommerce Webshop and your warehouse: any changes made in your inventory account will be sent over your online shop and ensure, simultaneously, accurate stock quantities in your warehouse.

Stay up to date and track all the transactions

The inventory provides you with personalized reports based on your WooCommerce shop and your inventory data. These reports cover your online and offline sales and comparisons between channels.


Simplify your operations by synchronizing sales order import from Magento with Inventory Management System

Connect Inventory Management System to your Magento Store helps you to synchronize multi-level products and prices to save valuable time and resources.

Align your warehouses with your Magento shop

The Inventory Management system helps you to choose your warehouse sources, edit them and it will be in real-time updated in your Magento shop. In this way, your clients can stay up to date.

Deliver products from multiple sources

Inventory’s Magento helps you to adopt a flexible delivery strategy where you can select different sources from the inventory platform and it will be aligned with your store in real-time. Thanks to this flexibility, you can minimize your delivery costs and increase your profits.


Boost online sales with the Inventory Shopify Integration

Shopify integration is created to simplify your eCommerce experience, reduce time managing your webshop, and focus more on closing sales and generating profits.

An efficient Product Synchronization tool

You can synchronize your product information with this integration in a minute, including important inventory data and product images. With this tool, you can target customers easily by assigning each Woo Store a unique warehouse.

For more visibility across multiple channels and warehouses

The stock level tool helps you to evaluate the current stock levels of your Shopify webshop: you can set initial minimum viable stock or minimal stock levels and it will be synced with your Shopify webshop.

Price Lists in your Shopify Store

You can easily apply price lists from your Inventory into your Shopify webshop and start creating price campaigns: promotions and discounts to boost your brand and engage more customers. All these updates can be done from one place, Inventory, and applied into your Shopify multi-stores.


Accept more online payments and synchronize your tax information

Offer your clients more methods to pay

Payments methods are generated from any eCommerce services’  list of payments methods such as Visa, Shopify Payments, or WooCommerce payments.

This integration offers you various advantages: you can sell in more places at the same time, no longer manually input data and you can start offering cross-channel promotions and discounts.

Organize your Tax information

By importing tax information from Inventory, you can create different customer segments such as tax-exempt customers.

This feature facilitates the process to calculate tax by location, accurate net prices, or removing taxes and allows you to leverage valuable insights.

How eCommerce integration with Inventory can improve the customer experience and provide more shipping methods

Make smart decisions based on good customer tracking reports

New clients will be added to your inventory account whenever a new purchase is made in your webshop. The Inventory adds all orders to the existing records and ensures that you always have suitable information about your customers’ purchases.

The Inventory adds all orders to the existing records and ensures that you always have suitable information about your customers’ purchases.

You can now create personalized customer cards and assign information such as sales, frequency of visits, or even their experience.

More shipping choices for large sales opportunities

By using an online retail location, customers can choose their shipping methods, delivery times, specific handling, and more.

This integration streamlines complex split shipping to multiple global addresses using different delivery methods such USPS, DPD, or Smartpost for baltic countries.

In addition, you can quickly calculate shipping costs and they will be automatically added to your webshop.


Adapt your inventory turnover to your customer demand

Speed up your stock turnover

Based on your web orders, you can create from your inventory the products information and ensure a seasonal rotation.

How can the stock turnover boost my sales?

The inventory lets you know instantly when a sale is made, with the stock being updated in real-time too.

Make your business work like a well-oiled machine

Everything is connected: More stock rotation represents more data to review for increasing sales.

When you notice that some stock is being sold more, you can display these products in your webshop.

Start selling online and offline using Inventory as a  multi-channel platform

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