ERPLY Classic Back Office version 4.18.5


  1. For Heartland PAX payments, receipt printouts now show field “Entry Method” and the transaction type.
  2. Product list has been optimized: calculating the total quantity of a matrix product was slow.
  3. An optimization for Actual Reports printouts (sales documents, purchase documents, inventory acts): configuration parameter "create_ar_printouts_without_matrix_table" = 1 can be applied to omit the “rows grouped by matrix parent” block from the dataset Erply sends to Actual Reports.

    Sometimes, matrix variations are actually used for tracking serialized inventory (and a matrix product can have tens of thousands of variations). Applying this parameter will omit unnecessary information from the printout, and the printout will be generated faster.


  1. Fixed: Erply will no longer delete a wire transfer record when user deletes a payment and there are still other payments linked to the same wire transfer.
  2. Fixed: on a stocktaking sheet, the difference between counted amount and Erply’s amount was not displayed if counted amount was 0.
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