Erply Classic Back Office version 4.20.0

New features

  1. Support for sending e-invoices has been added.

    Please read more about e-invoice support and the required setup steps in this Help Center article: “E-invoicing in Erply”.

    Currently this functionality is limited to Estonian and Finnish accounts and requires an Omniva or Maventa account.

    The changes in this back office version are as follows:

    1. New fields have been added to customer form: "E-invoice email address", "Operator ID","Invoicing channels", "Allow sending invoice by mail when e-invoice operator supports it", "EDI code".
    2. A new filter "Invoicing channel" has been added to customer list and invoice list that allows filtering customers and invoices by customers’ invoicing channels.
    3. A new read-only field "Customer's invoicing channels" has been added to invoice form. This field shows the invoicing channels that have been selected for the customer.
    4. New statuses for invoices have been added: "e-invoice pending", "e-invoice sent", "e-invoice sending failed"
    5. New buttons "E-invoices: send selected" and "E-invoices: update statuses" have been added to the invoice list’s toolbar. Updating statuses button doesn’t take into account the selected checkboxes but instead checks the statuses of invoices that are in back office with status "e-invoice pending".
  2. The possibility to translate footer and header text for “Balance statements” and “Payment reminders” has been added.
  3. Include the word COPY to a receipt copy if receipt printing has been registered with API call "registerReceiptPrint".
  4. If a user signs in through Launchpad then the Json Web Token that was used to sign in will be made available for plugins.


  1. Adding items with “Enter” key added the same line twice on multiple occasions.
  2. Saving the “Stock levels” subform on a product form with “Ctrl + s” submitted the form twice.
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