Erply Classic Back Office version 4.20.4


  1. In Overdue Invoices Report, the comment fields are now larger. An entered comment is saved immediately; it is no longer necessary to click a “Save” button at the end of the report.
  2. New fields have been added to customer export: "Invoicing channels - Email", "Invoicing channels - E-invoice", "Operator ID", "EDI code", "E-invoice email address".
  3. “Classic back office” has been prepended to version number.
  4. Product’s timestamp will now be updated when a product attribute is either added, changed or deleted.
  5. Allow editing users without group.
  6. Actual Reports printouts were optimized.


  1. Fixed: Signing in with a session key sometimes produced an error.
  2. Fixed: “EEK” was displayed on assignment row form instead of a correct currency.
  3. Fixed: Lithuanian login form did not show customer support email address.
  4. Fixed: Amount field was in product subsections “Substitutes” / “Cross-sell” where it shouldn’t have been.
  5. Fixed: Matrix variations were not taken into account when printing labels from product catalog.
  6. Fixed: A new sales document row added in-between does not have a default quantity 1. This was a regression from version 4.18.3.
  7. Fixed: Export to Verp did not always populate name field (<nimi/>).
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