Small Business Saturday: Celebrating the SMBs of NYC

Want to support small businesses this holiday season but aren’t sure where to start? We have you covered. We’re showcasing a handful of New-York based small businesses, who also happen to be Erply customers!

Read on to learn how you can support small businesses in NYC.

Small businesses of NYC

Keep checking back as we update this post with more small business Erply users.



Say hello to Fanaberie! Fanaberie is a woman’s boutique that carries a wide variety of products. Step inside of their shop and you can find unique and trendy clothing, jewelry, accessories, and home goods.

Their shop opened in 2010 and they expanded to a second location in 2013. We’re lucky to call Fanaberie an Erply customer since 2012!


How does Erply Point of Sale help your small business?
It’s the most important tool for the front and the back of the store.

Erply gives us instant access to our inventory, sales, and most importantly, the ability to easily transfer inventory between both locations. Our inventory changes quickly and we are able to create new products and product variations very efficiently.

We have many local customers and use Erply’s loyalty program on a daily basis to reward customers with loyalty points for every purchase. We’re able to follow up on the loyalty program with emails, newsletters, coupons, and promotions.

Be sure to stop by Fanaberie this Small Business Saturday.


Keter Judaica

Introducing Keter Judaica! Keter Judaica has four locations across New York City and servers both everyday shoppers and wholesalers. 

Head over to their stores to find traditional Jewish religious pieces imported directly from Israel including prayer shawls, skull caps, menorahs, holiday items, custom prayer bags, and more. Be sure to check out their stores’ newly renovated showrooms, shown below.

Keter Judaica has been an Erply customer since May of 2018. Here’s to many more!


How does Erply Point of Sale help your small business?
Erply is the first retail system we have used, and it’s working great so far.

PIM is a great and handy feature. Erply’s purchase order and invoice tools keep us running smoothly. The invoices and orders help us stay on top of all of our orders by letting us easily check what orders are open and unfulfilled.

keter judacia is an erply small business customer

Don’t forget to stop by Keter Judaica this Small Business Saturday.



Maisonette has been en Erply customer since 2012

Maisonette is an exotic wares store that sells a wide variety of unique goods. Maria, Maisonette’s founder, was inspired by the excitement of walking through different souks across the world. Maisonette recreates the excitement of exploring traditional marketplaces by supplying a wide variety of unique crafted goods, including Moroccan rugs, Tunisian Foutas, Icelandic sheepskin pelts, or Egyptian pendants.

Their shop opened in 2012 and they have been using Erply since day 1!


How does Erply Point of Sale help your small business?

Erply’s wide variety of reports helps keep Maisonette’s data organized at all times. Inventory reports, in particular, are used to keep track of items in and out of stock across the business. Because Erply runs an intuitive interface, Maria is able to easily train new employees to get them up to speed.

Maisonette also uses Erply’s handy point of sale CRM features to quickly serve their customers. When a shopper asks to buy the candle “they bought last time,” Erply lets Maisonette’s workers pull up that info in a snap, then help the customer find the exact item they’re looking for.

Maisonette is an Erply SMB customer in NY

If you’re looking for something extra special, stop by Maisonette this Small Business Saturday.

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